Thursday, April 10

Short Horror Story

1. " You just got home from school, you went straight to your bedroom, but you heard your mom calling your name from downstair. You heard your phone ringing, you picked it up, it was your mom voice saying she wasn't home since early morning. "

2. " A dad saw his daughter sleeping on the couch, he picked her up and bring her to her bedroom, but then she saw her daughter already on her bed looking so scared and crying. "

3. " A man is driving alone at night, then he stopped by the roadside because he's too tired after a long drive. Suddenly, his back door was open and he heard a woman voice saying "thanks for the ride" but he saw no one. "

4. " I live alone, but every morning on my phone there's always a picture of me sleeping. "

5. " I just got back from my grandmother's funeral, after I reached home, I saw her in her room with pile of soil dirt covering her dress. "

6. " My son hug my legs once I reached home, it's not that I don't like it, that is the sweetest father and son moment, it just that he died 3 years ago when a criminal broke into our house and cut his neck. "

7. " Last week, I'm having a dinner at my neighbour's house, she's a lady whose living alone so I decided to accompany her, the next day I saw police and some forensic crew bring a body covered in plastic out from her house, the policeman said the lady that I met has been dead for months. "

8. " I woke up at 3 am I'm so happy that my boyfriend was here to sleep with me so I hug him so tight and that was the exact moment I realized that my boyfriend was outstation and I'm living alone. "

9. " I was awaken by the sound if the banging on the window, when I go to the window only then I realized that the sound came from the mirror near my bed. "

10. " It is my hobby to sing in the shower, but I always have a back up singer eventhough I'm living alone. "

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